This page is dedicated to all of those who helped get me to where I am right now… And this list is not all-inclusive: Some don't want to be mentioned and I am certain I have forgotten some as well! If you know of someone I have missed, PLEASE let me know so I can include them here!

Laura Garvey ~ The first person to ever WANT to hear me sing. Her encouragement when I was so shy I could not sing louder than a whisper was the seed for all that I do with music today. She sang and played the piano and listening to her was the first time I had ever heard an angel sing!

Kari Nystrom ~ She played bass with me as I was just learning to play at Penn State. At that time I could not play a single cover but had enough for an hour of originals, playing at The Saloon Sunday nights. She was able to keep the sounds flowing smoothly through the set!

Pam Mandalay ~ Provided the emotion for wanting to write songs to express my feelings through songwriting when I first picked up the guitar. Dreams of You was my first broken-hearted original song, and I love the fact that she has absolutely no recollection of who I am!! Priceless!! :)

David Franklin ~ From co-songwriting, harmonizing, allowing me to sing on his CDs, to just hanging out, I am grateful for his mentorship from the very beginning, but more for the longstandng friendship. I am just glad he took my advice and didn't sing at all on his latest CD… I mean, he did an instrumental album like I suggested… yeah, that's the ticket! From our first attempt at a band, to sharing information, inspiration and music through the years. Thank You, David!

Brian Miller ~ My tailgating brother who graciously provided me with my Martin and other goodies straight from Martin Guitar company in addition to fantastic tailgating memories. Forever indebted, my good friend!

Billy Wareham ~ From the Pittsburgh Penguin organization. My favorite piece of Pens memorabilia after all the games I have sung at isn't from any of the players. It's the handwritten "Thanks for Everything" from Billy that I treasure most. Billy, thank YOU for everything!

Kim Colombero ~ Website and various graphic artist support, but more importantly, friendship, moral support and compliments on my hair…

Family and close friends in general ~ Your collective love and support is not overlooked or taken for granted. THANK YOU!

All my broken hearts  ~ Grateful for all the broken hearts leading to great songs! Well, grateful for most all of them... ;)

My not-so-broken hearts ~ Grateful for all the people and reasons leading to great songs other than the broken-hearted ones!

The "Active Listener" at my shows ~ I know I can play anytime I want to at home. But when I play out and someone enjoys the music or sings along, takes the time to engage in brief conversation of my music, tips, etc., it is as rewarding as it gets. THIS is the reason I want to make CDs. For those that listen and enjoy to take a little piece home with them.