Meet SGT Bob

From National Anthems to entertaining performances, SGT Bob's music comes from the heart.

After the first playoff game for the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Consol Energy Center, ThePensBlog writers said,

All the respect in the world to Jeff Jimerson [longstanding Penguins anthem singer], but this was the first time in the history of Penguins games that the anthem was goosebump city."

When it comes to performing, the best tip he ever received came while playing a recurring "tip-only" gig at The Bar in Boalsburg, PA. It was a little hand-scrawled note in his tip jar:

Thank you for turning stressful days into relaxing evenings…"

Bob has written over 85 original songs and he has been encouraged for years to put out an album, and so that is the plan for 2015!  Bob's first album will be called “Papa’s Moon" and will lead off with his first ever professionally-recorded single, "What Smiles are For."   "Smiles" was written and is sung by SGT Bob and is layered with Nashville studio musicians, sweet local vocals from Pure Cane Sugar, and instrument and studio work from friends in Western, PA, all expertly engineered in the Highland Recording Studios of Nashville Tennesee!  Listen to it or download it for FREE here: What Smiles Are For - and tell us what you think!

Short BIO

i first picked up the guitar at Penn State in the spring of 1985. Most of the songs i wrote, i did so back in the 1985-1990 time-frame in State College, PA, Ft. Benjamin-Harrison, IN, and at Ft. Benning, GA., where i was lucky enough to be a single parent in the Army. As is common for beginning songwriters, many of my first songs were sparked by my personal life experiences. But, as with many of us, music took a back seat to living everyday living as i later married and had two more children, and owned my own business for a while. 

i have run open mics here in State College, produced a weekly radio show on 105.9 JoeFM called the Songwriter's Showcase, created and ran a social media site called prior to Facebook and currently manage the acoustic stage at the annual 4th Fest, the LARGEST all-volunteer fireworks show in the country and the 3rd largest fireworks show, period!

i play out weekly in State College, like Friday nights at The Adam's Apple at The Tavern, and have regular monthly gigs like every 1st Saturday at Otto's Pub and Brewery. i am available for and really enjoy playing live and recorded DJ music for cocktail hour at weddings and every kind of party. And i travel pretty well, from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. i played a baby shower in Punxatawney, PA once! (No, it wasn't for Phil!) Contact me today for reservations.