Mills - Dubel Wedding ~ 05/20/2017

Anyway, don't know if you have ever planned a wedding or been involved in a wedding, but I, personally, was pretty worried about how everything would just fall into place, and things would happen in the correct order. That is…


Papa's Moon CD Review ~ Wesley Derbyshire

Papa's Moon fits in snugly with the quality of many of the top Country recordings. There is a pleasant round bottom that carries the songs with a distinct snare and drum kit providing the rhythm. Guitars are rich and keyboards…


4th Fest 2015 ~ Jim Price

4th Fest 2015 ~ The Professor’s “Live Reviews” ~ Jim Price

After assisting Chris Kepler with production duties on the BJC Lawn stage through much of the day, “Sgt. Bob” Timney performed a strong set of classic rock, pop…


Papa's Moon CD Review ~ Jodi Moore

Papa's Moon is magnificent! The various song selections both fill and break one's heart. Your voice is beautiful, the melodies and harmonies on point, the words, emotional and honest. Thanks for sharing this very special piece of yourself with me...and…


Papa's Moon CD Review ~ Ralph Poorman

I was prepared to say Empty Halls [favorite song on CD] after hearing it... I can see those halls and those pictures. But after listening over and over the past few days, and especially after the birth of my first…


Papa's Moon CD Review ~ Kim Kramer-Martirano

I've been playing your CD for the past 2 days straight. I love it! You express a lot of feelings I have felt. At one point I was crying happy tears. So proud to watch you through the process of…


Papa's Moon CD Review ~ Shelly DeBee

So SGT Bob! I am listening to [Papa's Moon] for the second time through and really trying to decide my favorite song. Honestly, I cant!! I love this CD... Thank you!! I love it and I can't wait for the…


Recording Quote ~ Tom "Bone" Edmonds

You're a bigger pain-in-the-ass than Meatloaf was...

[Editor's note:  "Bone" mixed and co-produced my first CD, Papa's Moon.  The notables he has professionally worked with are Meatloaf, The Isley Brothers, Rick Derringer, Patti Smith, and Lenny Kravitz.  Tom Edmonds


Papa's Moon CD Review ~ Frank Hetherington


Quite often when you hear an opinion from someone (about something you did), it carries a sense of - things said to just be nice or polite. 

And then there is the ‘dancing bear’ reality. If you…


Papa's Moon CD Review ~ Susan Harmon

Just wanted to let you know that I really love your CD. The songs, lyrics, your voice are all so beautiful. They’re all excellent songs and I think Track 8 (Take My Love, My Love) is especially phenomenal. You have…