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Submitted by SgtBob on

Just wanted to let you know that I really love your CD. The songs, lyrics, your voice are all so beautiful. They’re all excellent songs and I think Track 8 (Take My Love, My Love) is especially phenomenal. You have it all in this CD – love, longing, heartbreak, happiness, sadness, remembrance. I think you capture your inner heart so well. :)

Submitted by SgtBob on


Quite often when you hear an opinion from someone (about something you did), it carries a sense of - things said to just be nice or polite.

And then there is the ‘dancing bear’ reality. If you see a bear at a circus in a tutu dancing to some silly song, you are amazed that a 400 lbs. animal can be so graceful and appear to follow the music. You’re surprised that the bear can ‘dance’ at all, and to some degree your impressed. However, if you pay $100 bucks to see a professional ballet, you’d be pissed if the bear were in the cast. It turns out that, your impression of the bear’s abilities is relative to your very low expectations.

I know that, things like this are intimate and thus too important to blow smoke. Honesty is vital. With this in mind, when I say that I am impressed with your music, this is to say that the performance and production value are on-par with any ‘name’ artist to be bought off the rack. But more than that, the lyrics to the songs (all of the songs) are so well constructed and executed, are mated with atmosphere, are evoking of emotion and images - that I’m confident that, most recording artists and even most accomplished song writers will view them as high-quality.

I suspect that, as the true meaning of the word ‘artist’ conveys --- as originator, you can have no idea or real appreciation of how good your stuff is, because it’s such a natural and easy part of you.

On first listen, I sensed you sounded like a blend of a few musicians. But after consideration, it’s clear you have your own style, sound and manner.

Thank you for such a pleasant, up-lifting surprise.

Submitted by SgtBob on

So SGT Bob! I am listening to [Papa's Moon] for the second time through and really trying to decide my favorite song. Honestly, I cant!! I love this CD... Thank you!! I love it and I can't wait for the next [one]!..

Submitted by SgtBob on

I've been playing your CD for the past 2 days straight. I love it! You express a lot of feelings I have felt. At one point I was crying happy tears. So proud to watch you through the process of making this very professional sounding CD. It's first class all the way!!!

Submitted by SgtBob on

I was prepared to say Empty Halls [favorite song on CD] after hearing it... I can see those halls and those pictures. But after listening over and over the past few days, and especially after the birth of my first grandchild... my new favorite is Papa's Moon. I can see myself singing it to her, outside, gazing up at the moon. Just have to figure out how to deal with those (damn) leaking eyes. Good job!

Submitted by SgtBob on

Papa's Moon is magnificent! The various song selections both fill and break one's heart. Your voice is beautiful, the melodies and harmonies on point, the words, emotional and honest. Thanks for sharing this very special piece of yourself with me...and with the world. <3

Submitted by SgtBob on

After assisting Chris Kepler with production duties on the BJC Lawn stage through much of the day, “Sgt. Bob” Timney performed a strong set of classic rock, pop and country hits, plus a few originals from his just-issued CD Papa’s Moon. Bob demonstrated a clear, bold voice on tunes from James Taylor, Bill Withers, America, Jim Croce, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffett, the Eagles, Bob Seger and more.

Quoted from pennsylvania musician magazine, August 2015

Submitted by SgtBob on

Papa's Moon fits in snugly with the quality of many of the top Country recordings. There is a pleasant round bottom that carries the songs with a distinct snare and drum kit providing the rhythm. Guitars are rich and keyboards tingle, all with a moistness that gives depth to the overall soundstage. I found the balance among the instruments to be very good, with no one part fighting another. Lead vocals are resonant, showcasing the melody and lyrical aspects of the music. This is really a very well recorded RBCD release, and it should make you very proud to have completed. Hats off to you Bob.

Wesley Derbyshire
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